SABA - The Association of Yemeni-Americans

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464 Third Avenue
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About Us

SABA-The Association of Yemeni-Americans is a nonprofit organization and an association of Yemeni-Americans who are committed to bridging communities, promoting inter-cultural understanding, empowering women and youth, providing leadership and educational empowerment programs while preserving Yemeni heritage.

By collaborating with similar nonprofit organizations, universities, city agencies and cultural arts organizations, SABA hopes to empower the socially and economically disadvantaged, serve the unique needs of the immigrant population and engage the broader public through education, advocacy and inter-cultural programming. SABA invites all of you to the great diversity and richness of Yemeni culture.

SABA is committed to: Help Arabic-speaking families learn about American laws and procedures so they better integrate within the broader community;

Empower the community on social and economic issues to improve the quality of life for the community;

Coordinate with diverse communities and organizations that have similar interests to foster understanding, tolerance, and respect;

Empower and strengthen youth through leadership education to overcome cultural and social challenges; provide leadership opportunities that lead to community involvement;

Provide educational support to students and parents - to bridge the gap between home and school;

Provide opportunities for adults and children to learn about, and share in their cultural heritage, including the Arabic language through participation in local, regional and national events.