Homo A Go Go

  • CA


San Francisco
United States

About Us

Mission Statement: Positively impacting queer lives and building community through art.

Tag line: Your queer arts revolution

  • Queer Music and Arts Festival showcasing hundreds of independent/DIY/alternative queer artists
  • Non-profit: In 2008 we partnered with the Queer Cultural Center as part of their fiscal sponsor program.
  • Benefit: between 2002-2006 we donated over $11,000 in ticket sales to the Olympia based Gender Variant Healthcare Project. Our goal in 2009 is to donate $3000 to a local SF queer organization, TBD.
  • We strive to keep ticket prices low for greater accessibility. 2009 pass prices are $10 for youth under age 21 and $20/day for ages 21 and up. Full-passes offer access to all events and sell for $25 for youth under age 21 (Aug. 14-16, $5 discount) and $60 for ages 21 and over (August 13-16, $15-30 discount)
  • All-ages: 90% of our events are open to attendees of all-ages.
  • Music: each year we present 35-40 musical acts
  • Film: 12 screenings, 100+ films
  • Art: 20+ artists from around the world
  • Theatrical, multi-media and spoken word performers: 20+ each year
  • Fashion Show: as a centerpiece of the festival, it presents the work of 20+ DIY designers. We guarantee it’s like no other runway you’ve ever seen.
  • Craft Fair: 3 day craft fair featuring 80+ DIY/independent businesses and community organizations.
  • Education/Activism: 12 workshops on socio-political issues, activism and “hands-on/how-to/DIY” themes.
  • Projected attendance for 2009: over 6000
  • We strongly believe in self-identification and self-definition of community. If you feel this is your community than it is, no questions asked.
  • Festival attendees have dubbed the festival, “the ultimate gaycation,” and many consider attending to be, “life changing.”