St. Peter's Catholic School

  • CA


1266 Florida Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Open Hearts Open Minds
We are a school rich in faith and love, a place where every student and every parent feels part of the St. Peter's Catholic School family—nurtured and safe, engaged and supported. Our mission is to inspire our students to reach their highest academic potential and cultivate their passion for serving others.

School Information
Tucked away in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, St. Peter's Catholic School has been educating the neighborhood's children since 1878. Inspired by the strong spirit, compassion, and commitment to excellence of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy, we are dedicated to giving every child who comes through our doors the opportunity to learn, grow in their faith, and dream big.

Combining deep-rooted traditions and current best practices, our holistic approach gives children the tools they need to be successful in our modern world. We empower each child to become a critical thinker and responsible member of the community, working in partnership with parents who are the first teachers of their children. In order to ensure that every child can get a St. Peter's education no matter their family's financial circumstances, we keep tuition low and offer generous support.