Catalyst Project

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522 Valencia St. #2
San Francisco
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About Us

Catalyst Project is a center for political education and movement-building based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work to create a world where all people are free from oppression and exploitation. Catalyst Project works in majority white communities with the goal of deepening anti-racist commitment and building multiracial movements for liberation. We create spaces for organizers to develop and share theory, visions and strategies to build movements for racial, economic, gender and ecological justice. Catalyst programs prioritize leadership development, supporting grassroots organizations and multiracial alliance building.

Catalyst participates in front-line struggles for racial justice, from New Orleans to New York; from Palestine to Alabama; from Texas to Vermont. We provide consulting, strategic planning and organizational development support to organizations in an anti-racist transformation process. We provide opportunities for mentorship and leadership development to emerging anti-racist leaders. We participate in multiracial coalition building both locally and nationally. We work in ongoing partnerships with a number of national, local and international networks and organizations.

Our National Political Education program builds up anti-racist leadership, politics and practice within majority white organizations and communities, in connection with working-class grassroots people of color-led social justice organizing. We focus on working with other white activists in response to generations of encouragement and challenges from activists of color for white people to take on this responsibility with each other, and to take collective action against racism in coordination with leadership from communities of color.

We lead participatory trainings, give presentations, and organize educational panels. Our interactive, highly participatory trainings examine racism as a foundational divide-and-rule system in the U.S., and emphasize the intersections of multiple systems of oppression and privilege. We have led more than 7,000 people through hundreds of workshops, trainings, and panels. We've worked with communities across the country and on three continents, covering a range of anti-racist organizing topics.