Heartland Health Center

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3048 N. Wilton Ave. , 2nd Floor
United States

About Us

The mission of Heartland International Health Center (HIHC) is to improve the well-being of the communities we serve by providing accessible, high-quality health care. HIHC works to create a “medical home” that will meet the diverse needs of those who are struggling to find affordable health care, particularly the uninsured, underinsured, immigrants, and refugees. Currently our sites include four neighborhood health centers, four school based health centers, and two sites where primary care and behavioral health are integrated. (The latter two sites are operated with our partners Trilogy, Inc and Community Counseling Centers of Chicago.) Across these sites we comprehensively serve the residents of the north side of Chicago.

HIHC firmly believes health care is a human right and will not deny anyone who is need of medical services. Last year, our ten centers on the north side of Chicago provided nearly 18,000 patients with a medical home where they could receive comprehensive services including primary care, prenatal care, pediatric care, immunizations, women’s health care, chronic disease management, medication discounts, oral health, mental health, and psychiatric services. We also offer free interpretation services to all patients in over 35 languages and ensure that care is provided in a culturally competent way.