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About Us

Who we are Malama Kaua`i was founded mid-2006 by Keone Kealoha and Chris Jaeb, inspired volunteers that saw the need for an organization that put sustainability at its core. Kealoha and Jaeb wanted to develop an innovative and holistic method for approaching the challenges the island is facing. The result has been a framework that merges the traditional Hawaiian values of aloha andmalama `aina with contemporary principles of sustainability. Since its inception, Malama Kaua`i has grown into an organization of three full-time staff and an extensive island-wide network of volunteers.

What we value To us, the word “sustainability” goes beyond simply sustaining our resources. Ultimately, we envision a Kaua`i where the `aina (environment) is healthy, people enjoy a high quality of life, the sense of community is strong, and culture is respected and perpetuated.

We look for solutions that take into account the four pillars of sustainability, what we call “the quadruple bottom line”— environment, cutlure, economy and society. We consider the interrelatedness of all issues and the need for a holistic approach.

What we do To realize our vision, we seek to malama, or take care of, Kaua`i and the people who call Kaua`i home. Rooted in the core value of aloha `aina (love and connection to the land), we advocate, educate, and drive action towards a sustainable Kaua`i.

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