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About Us

World Action Fund (WAF) is a Nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organization operating in Arua and Coordination offices in Kampala and niche operations in Yumbe, Maracha, Yumbe and Kampala districts that is committed to finding sustainable solutions to eradicate poverty.

Founded and registered in May 2014 under Non-Governmental Organisation Registration ACT, CAP.113 Reg No.10625.

Our thematic areas of operation are: Livelihood, Education, Community Health, Environment and Agriculture, Human Rights, Emergnencies and Refugees, Science and Technology Innovations.

West Nile Sub Region history: The area of West Nile Sub region has suffered from a gross abuse of human rights particularly in the aftermath of the invasion by liberation wars in 1979 to 1986 and LRA wars in 2000s. The area was the epicentre of civil wars during which there was a huge amount of political turmoil and socio-economic disintegration this affected development in the areas and many lost lives. 


Our ultimate goal is to focus on improving various areas of community life and fundamental human rights


To work in a holistic manner towards improving quality of life of vulnerable and marginalized individuals in Uganda, by empowerment them through interventions that can reduce poverty.


Holistic and sustainable development to all the Communities