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About Us


Promotion and support of regional cooperation and common actions of young people in the Balkans, as best tool for effective and efficient problem solving and achievement of common goals!


development and of democracy, civil society and cooperation in the region and beyond;

promotion of the Balkan cultures within and out of the Balkans;

stressing the advantages of intercultural learning and understanding;

creation of permanent platform for discussion between the young people from Balkans, as basis for exchange of ideas, information, knowledge;

to help to the development and establishment of youth non-governmental organizations;

to increase knowledge and skill of the young non-governmental activists.

Through the following activities:

education of citizens in the areas of peace, democracy, civil society etc.;

organization of seminars, conferences, camps, trainings, summer and winter universities, training courses, research, publications etc.

promotion of the ideas, wishes and needs of the young people in the Balkans.