The Time In Children's Arts Initiative

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227 West 29th St.
New York
United States

About Us

Time In brings some of the youngest, most at-risk public school children OUT of underserved classrooms and INTO the world of the living arts every week of the school year. Starting from Pre-K, children alternate opera through hands-on art in our studio one week, with hops to the world's best galleries & museums the next!

Regardless of their backgrounds, children are children. The world of imagination, creativity and fantasy is their most fertile ground. Time In acknowledges children's phenomenal gifts and innate abilities and is dedicated to developing learning environments that stimulate, rather than stifle.

We are proud to have changed the lives of more than 1000 underserved Pre-K-2nd graders since 2006, and look forward to working with over 400 children this year. Time In will continue to foster not only wonderfully conceptual thinkers, but perceptive and aesthetically sensitive children, each of whom will be poised to nourish our society in the days to come.