Farmers Without Borders

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About Us

Farmers Without Borders is a world-wide benevolent association of farmers.

The mission of Farmers Without Borders is to transform the agricultural knowledge and skill of farmers into united action to strengthen regenerative agriculture and support humanitarian efforts around the globe.

Our members believe that the culture of agriculture must be regenerative: by farming in ways which enable the restorative capacity of the earth, we can preserve or improve the fertility of the soil, create an abundance of nourishing food, raise healthy animals, contribute to vibrant local economies and respect the ecology of the natural world.

We also believe that our special relationship with the land gives us unique knowledge and skill to help others – farmers and non-farmers – who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

When people hear “farmers without borders” they sometimes question: ‘what can farmers do in a war zone? In a crisis, people need doctors, not farmers!’

But the idea of a being ‘sans frontieres’ – being without borders, moving beyond frontiers - is not just about providing emergency medical relief. It is about people pushing past boundaries in order to help others in need. It is about groups of people using their particular expertise or special skills to transcend the usual limitations of their work in order to act benevolently.

Our vision of the future is a world where farmers around the world thrive through the ecologically-sound production of nutritious food, and are empowered to take united actions to strengthen their communities, the environment and to help others in need.

Our conception of farming is inclusive: a Farmer Without Borders is anyone – regardless of if they define themselves as a farmer, farm-worker, grower or peasant - who generates a substantial portion of their nourishment or livelihood directly through the production of sustenance, and who shares the organization’s values.