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About Us

Living Opportunities has been assisting people with developmental disabilities, and their families, in Jackson County since 1974. More specifically, we have provided group home services since 1974, semi-independent living assistance (apartment, etc.) since 1976, and support in vocational and recreational settings since 1983. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help families assess their needs, develop plans and implement the activities that will achieve their goals.

The focus of our efforts is the development of opportunities and services that occur in our local community. Following are some examples. Suitable employment positions are developed in a variety of existing community businesses. We then assist the person with disabilities, and the employer, to work out the duties that will make the job a success for both. Our semi-independent living services are designed to help the person with disabilities be successful in his/her home, apartment complex and/or neighborhood, shopping, banking and engaging in leisure activities that mirror what goes on in the surrounding community.

The Studio at Living Opportunities is a wonderful place for artists of all backgrounds to explore their artistic talents. Within the Studio, art is unaffected by centuries of schooled thought, and our Studio artists prove again and again that art is not about refining techniques, but about the magic of expression. Come visit and enjoy the raw power of art!

In both work and living environments, we emphasize helping people make connections and build relationships.

We pride ourselves on retaining staff at an especially high rate for this business. We value the experience and continuity that brings to the table, and we think you will too.