Graland Country Day School

  • Colorado


55 Clermont Street
United States

About Us

Graland is a community of outstanding students and teachers working together with families for the benefit of each child. Our small class size allows students and teachers to develop close, enduring relationships - one of the premium advantages of an independent education. Our current enrollment totals 700, and we have 92 faculty members, 68 percent of whom have advanced degrees. Graland’s faculty and staff enjoy a collaborative, supportive environment where each member is encouraged to be a lifelong learner. Professional development, onsite childcare, a desirable location in the heart of Denver and other benefits make Graland a dynamic, inclusive and innovative workplace.

Our Mission

Achieve intellectual excellence,

build strong character,

enrich learning through the arts and athletics,

and prepare our students to be

engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.

Ascende Omnem Montem

Climb Every Mountain

Graland students are the kind of forward thinkers who can go anywhere and do anything. Graland's mission is timeless, but our world is constantly changing. New technologies and new discoveries about how children learn are just two examples of why we teach in new-fashioned ways.

Our approach is forward thinking: What skills will this year's preschool class need to be successful when they start careers? It's as much about teaching how to reason, how to question and how to take initiative as it is about knowledge. Graland's rich history began in 1924 when concerned parents and teachers came together to create a school different from others of the era. From its earliest days, Graland's approach to teaching was influenced by the philosophy of educator John Dewey, who believed in "progressive education" and an educational system adapted to the needs of children.

As it was then, Graland's focus today is on the whole child and on the development of a well-balanced individual of strong character who excels intellectually, athletically and creatively. At Graland, we believe children should be challenged through experiences offered in an atmosphere of encouragement and high expectations. We understand that children taught by energetic, inspiring and creative teachers, who care deeply about each child's progress and development, are more likely to flourish. And, we recognize the importance of offering children the opportunity to thrive in a 21st century learning environment where innovation and technology are front and center.

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