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About Us

Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags mission is to bring awareness to the community and families as whole as it pertains to abuse. We want to educate schools, churches, and mentor groups by reprogramming the amygdala with better decision making skills. We want to find ways that are fun and interesting for families, schools, and or churches to talk about abuse on any platform. We want to make sure that we are in the community bringing new and approved information & resources for the people that are the face of abuse & to the abusers.

DVWMT is a local domestic violence prevention and resource organization dedicated to restoring and preserving a stable family environment through services, advocacy and education. Queen Afi spends her time advocating against domestic violence not only to the abused but also to the abuser, both men and women. Her life experience has given her the courage and strength to tell her story and how she has changed her life around and started helping others become aware of DV and how to avoid becoming the victim and/ or abuser.