Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

  • MN


RT 2, Box 156A
United States

About Us

The mission of Eagle Bluff is to foster awareness, enhance respect, and promote personal responsibility for the natural world. Numerous studies have demonstrated that an intensive, hands-on approach to learning produces the best retention and highest likelihood of permanent change in students. Experience has proven that many children retain information if they can participate in an educational experience that lasts longer than the typical classroom period. Hands-on learning has long been acknowledged as the most effective way to teach for long-term retention. The experiences that students have at Eagle Bluff may have a life-long impact. This approach to environmental stewardship calls for educating entire generations of future leaders by using short-term, science-based, residential immersion classes. The stewards of our land tomorrow are in our schools today. Investing in Eagle Bluff is an investment in our children and in the future health of our environment.