The National Arbor Day Foundation

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211 North 12th Street
United States

About Us

Our Mission We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Our Vision We envision a world where trees and forests are abundant, healthy, and sustainable, and highly valued by all people.

Our Goals Build an organization of dedicated members who lead the way, and help individual citizens plant and care for trees to enrich the environment. Enhance the extent, health, and care, of the urban and community forests where we live. Advance rural land conservation and forest stewardship through the planting and care of trees. Help protect and improve the global environment by promoting rain forest preservation, urban and community forestry, and tree planting throughout the world. Educate and inspire young people and adults to understand, plant, and care for trees to build a better future. Expand the awareness of the need for tree planting and care by increasing publicity about Arbor Day and the number of people who celebrate Arbor Day. Manage Arbor Day Farm to support Foundation conferences and education programs, and to serve as a model of environmental stewardship. Our Methods We constantly strive to utilize the resources available to us to have the greatest possible positive impact, to close the gap between what's known and what's practiced. To do that…

…we work to reach and engage millions of people.

Through mass-media communications, by providing low-cost trees for planting, and by producing high-quality, easy-to-use educational materials, we work to make tree planting and care something in which nearly everyone can be involved. We also create mechanisms through which the average individual can directly support positive tree conservation and education projects. It is our constant goal to expand a person's desire to plant a tree into a lifelong enthusiasm for tree planting and care, and for positive involvement in conservation issues relating to trees.

…we positively influence organizations and institutions, which in turn have a big impact. Through conferences and seminars, positive recognition programs, conservation models, and how-to materials, we educate and motivate large and high-impact organizations to plant and care for trees, and to support related environmental stewardship activities.

…whenever possible, we work through existing structures to achieve our objectives. Networks abound of organizations and individuals who care about trees. Whenever we can find a way, we create programs and educational tools which can be effectively utilized by existing infrastructures.

We work to create high-impact activities, which become financially sustainable. Whenever appropriate, it is our objective to use seed money from grants or membership dues to build quality programs that further our mission and become financially self-supporting.

Our Values The people of The National Arbor Day Foundation…

…are mission focused. We understand and are committed to the Foundation's mission and put the accomplishment of our mission above personal status. We are committed to providing the best possible service—to our members and to other individuals and organizations who can further our mission.

…work hard and effectively. We are willing to pitch in and go the extra mile. We are self-starters, are honest, and are able to work in the environment required for the job.

…expect change and enjoy learning. We pursue continuous improvement in our programs, products, and procedures. We are flexible and open to new ideas. We accept and encourage change, and constantly look for ways to improve our work and increase the impact and cost-effectiveness of our programs.

…are excellent team players. We are positive, proactive problem solvers. Our approach to our work is solution-oriented. We take the initiative in reaching out to work constructively with others who can help solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.

…are positive and friendly with co-workers, members, and the public. We treat everyone with courtesy and respect. We are good listeners, accept and appreciate the differences between people, maintain confidences, and work harmoniously with others. We communicate our enthusiasm for our mission.