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About Us

AguaClara is a program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University that is improving drinking water quality through innovative research, knowledge transfer, open source engineering and design of sustainable, replicable water treatment systems.

The AguaClara project provides students an opportunity to carry on Ezra Cornell's vision: his sense of invention, his focus on the future, his belief in hands-on learning, his dream of a well-rounded education available to anyone.

AguaClara Technology is uniquely capable of producing high quality drinking water from turbid surface waters without using electricity. It is simple to manage, and is suitable for poor communities in developing countries.

The first AguaClara plant began producing clean water for the Honduran community of Ojojona in 2007. Since then full scale municipal plants have been added in Marcala, Tamara, Cuatro Comunidades, and Agalteca.

We are raising funds for water treatment plants in Honduras. We ask that you donate to bring safe water to many people, and that you continue to invest in the education, innovation, and capacity building that are included in each AguaClara project. Our work is only possible through the generous contributions of our sponsors. We require continuous funding to develop the most efficient and cost effective drinking water treatment plants.

Our implementation partners also need support to build these plants. If you are interested in becoming a supporter there are multiple options for making a tax deductible donation.

We are also looking for partners interested in collaborating on technical assistance and the implementation of AguaClara technology.