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About Us

Education at Work is a contact center provider solving business challenges with a twist. Energetic, tech-savvy students are at the core of our clients' successes. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to invest in helping our students develop important career skills while also improving our clients' business results.

Fulfilling our mission depends on the success of our clients. By helping them achieve their goals, we provide more opportunities and experiences for our student-employees. Students in turn, reduce their college debt, gain valuable professional skills and have opportunities for promotion and leadership.

Our business value is in helping companies reduce expense, improve revenue and differentiate their brands through great customer experiences—all by leveraging the talents of a domestic college student workforce.

We believe in the transformative power of education. By making a difference in the lives of the next generation, our communities will be improved, our nation will be healthier and our future will be brighter.