Hearts to Nourish Hope

  • GA


640 Hwy 138 SW
United States

About Us

Hearts to Nourish Hope’s mission is to create a place where youth and young adults can further their education and develop life and career skills, through innovative programming and service to the community by providing the tools and support needed to become successful, self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

Our goals for our students are for them to earn their high school diploma or GED and then to go on to college or technical school and/or gain employment, with the ability and support needed to advance along a career ladder.

The working philosophy of Hearts to Nourish Hope is to hold youth accountable for their behavior, to make clear through general program guidelines and in one-on-one counseling sessions the self-destructive consequences of careless or selfish actions. In addition, Hearts’ programs teach community service and demonstrate to each young person in concrete ways his/her potential for doing good. We believe that long-term change always requires deliberately replacing bad actions with good actions.