CHIP Mentoring Program

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About Us

The CHIP Mentoring Program exists to serve children in Baltimore who have an incarcerated parent. After being referred, children are matched with a volunteer mentor from the community. Over time, the mentor and mentee build a positive, consistent relationship. Matches are also invited to monthly events around Baltimore to engage in community activities while spending time with other CHIP matches.

Program Background

CHIP is a program of Alternative Directions, Inc. CHIP exists to help children of incarcerated parents reach their goals and become successful by matching each child with a volutneer mentor.

Studies show that being in a mentoring relationship can have a huge impact in helping children of incarcerated parents overcome the challenges and risks that they face to become successful.

Mentor Responsibilities

A mentor is many things, like a role model, and advocate, and a supporter. More than anything else, though, a mentor is a friend. Mentoring responsibilities for the CHIP Program include:

  • Be a positive friend and role model to your mentee.
  • Meet with your mentee a minimum of four hours each month, at least once every other week.
  • Commit to a minimum of one year with your mentee (many matches decide to continue after the year is up).
  • Communicate with the mentee’s parent or guardian.
  • Communicate with the CHIP Program coordinator about your relationship with your mentee.