Cedar Face Foundation

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About Us

Cedar Face Foundation, Inc. incorporates traditional values and culturally-focused methods in enhancing the health, wellness, and self-sufficiency of Native Peoples through advocacy, education, and research, acknowledging current best practices and the indigenous rights of Native Peoples as established in the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties. We serve the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation through the following programs:

Legal Advocacy - serving individuals and families throughout the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Experienced legal council - Oglala Sioux Tribal Court. Juvenile law, Elder Law, Family Law, Children with Special Needs, Children in Need, Victims of Crime, Domestic Relations, Education / School Advocacy, Civil and Criminal Law. 

1, 2, 3… Hi Baby! – serving prenatal women and their children to reduce infant mortality, and improve health outcomes. 

Elderly Services and Advocacy – serving elderly to ensure nutrition, family services, and protection from abuse, provide access to legal representation in civil matters.  

APE’ – Advocacy Program for Education – Special Needs Students – APE’, (pronounced ah-pay’) is the Lakota verb for hope, or hope in action. Juvenile: advocating on behalf of students and families to ensure access to education with appropriate services, and for students transitioning into adulthood to increase individual self-sufficiency.   

V-DOVE (Victims of Domestic and Other Violent Experiences) works to provide safe environment, seek assistance, advocacy and justice. 

Youth Wellness and Fitness encouraging lifelong healthy lifestyles and disease reduction from childhood through adulthood.