Destination Stewardship Center

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12910 Furnace Mountain Road
United States

About Us

Our mission: To help protect the world’s distinctive places by supporting wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship.

Our goal: Help people find the resources they need to achieve that mission.

The Destination Stewardship Center continues the work of National Geographic’s former CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DESTINATIONS.

The DSC is all about the intersection between stewardship of places and one of the world’s very largest industries: tourism. We gather and provide information on the ways tourism can help—or hurt—distinctive destinations around the world. We seek people who want to join us in building a global community and knowledge network for change.

If you care about great places, if you care about managing tourism so as to enhance places and not spoil them, then the DSC is for you.

Note—For the time being, the Center for Responsible Travel, a 501(c)(3) organization, serves as our fiscal agent.