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About Us

Started in 1996, Shanghai Sunrise is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by raising funds for educational scholarships for underprivileged and at-risk young people. With the help of more than 1,000 sponsors worldwide, Shanghai Sunrise has raised over RMB 28 million, creating almost 11,000 high school and university scholarships and helping over 2,500 students and their families.

Shanghai Sunrise strongly believes that a good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and can create a better future for young people and their families. In China, millions of people are faced with the reality that they cannot afford to send their children to school, leaving these young people with little hope for their future. Shanghai Sunrise promotes education in Shanghai by facilitating sponsorships for thousands of students who otherwise would not have a chance to attend beyond Grade 9.

With each donation, Shanghai Sunrise can bring hope and help to a student that needs it very much.

For each student sponsored, Shanghai Sunrise will provide:

- Cost of enrolment fees and any requisite school supplies

- Monitoring of school grades

- Annual family audit by the Shanghai Sunrise Alumni Field Visit Team

- General educational support as needed

Shanghai Sunrise encourages engagement between students and sponsors. One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student is getting to know students and seeing firsthand how generosity can positively affect the student’s and their family’s lives.

As a Student Sponsor, Shanghai Sunrise will:

- Send Sponsors updates on students’ academic progress

- Encourage letter-writing between Sponsors and Students (and offer English-Chinese translation where necessary)

- Invite Sponsors to meet and bond with their students at the annual Pairing Ceremony and Take Your Student To Lunch Day

Shanghai Sunrise is a registered program of the Shanghai Charity Foundation (