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About Us

The global community faces unprecedented challenge and change on the horizon--climate change, economic dysfunction, disruptive technological advances, international and internecine conflict, and beyond. Despite how these problems are often predictable, solutions remain shortsighted. Political leaders focus on the next election cycle, business leaders focus on their quarterly reports, all while the average citizen focuses on rent and bread.

Future Left’s founders, a group of politically engaged and progressive young professionals, aim to widen the traditional discourse toward long-term problem solving based on justice, sustainability, and equal opportunity. We’re not focused on the news of the moment, but on the challenges and solutions thereof that will shape the future--our future. Toward that end, Future Left’s mission is to articulate a progressive vision that lays the groundwork for political, social, and economic transformation, that connects a community of local organizers and national thought leaders, and reinvigorates an engaged, informed American left.