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About Us

FAIR plans to provide programs in the following areas:

Information and Resources:

  • Autism & Immune Conferences –annual conferences on the subject and latest research on Autism and Immune Disorders.
  • Create a Network of Professionals and Support Staff – a referral list of credentialed, experienced therapists and service providers.
  • Provide Workshops – workshops for individuals, parents, family and friends as well as professionals.


  • Social Skills Development: we plan to offer scholarships for children and adults on the spectrum from 8 years old to 28 years old to go to professionals that will help train them to be able to function and become as independent as possible in society.
  • Job Skills Development: we will offer teens and adults (15 years of age up to age 28) who are on the spectrum, in house job training workshops, classes , and referrals. We also plan to offer job skills scholarships to other entities to perform similar services.
  • Tutoring Assistance: we will offer scholarships for tutoring for children and young adults on the spectrum from the ages of 8 to 28 years of age.
  • Educational Aids: for those on the spectrum who wish to go to college we will offer scholarships for aids. The aids will assist them in the areas of academic and personal needs in order for them to be successful while attending college from home or out of home.


  • Medical Scholarships – FAIR will provide medical scholarships for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Immune Disorders. The recipients of these scholarships may choose the facility or doctor of their choice.
  • Therapy Scholarships – FAIR will provide scholarships for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Immune Disorders. The recipients of these scholarships may choose the facility or therapist of their choice.


  • Behavioral Scholarships: FAIR will provide children and adults between the ages of 8 and 28 scholarships for behavioral training either by professionals or by aids.

It is important to support this population since Autism Spectrum Disorders are at epidemic proportions and are still increasing. 1 out of every 70 boys has an ASD Disorder and 1 out of 110 children have it as a national average. This epidemic is in dire need of assistance in so many areas. It is critical to support these individuals as soon as possible so that they can become more functional and productive members of society.

Also, auto-immune and immune diseases are also climbing at serious rates. Many people are suffering and living in pain when they can be helped.

In addition, funds for research in these areas are sparse and are being further cut. That is why we are seeking to fund research for the much needed advancements.

Without our help they would otherwise be dependent, neglected and misunderstood since funds are being cut left and right for these populations

Our goal is to help individuals, families, communities and society understand and take constructive actions to address a difficult epidemic within two huge populations, both the ASD population and the individuals with immune disorders. So all of the above will benefit greatly by our taking action and helping those in need become productive as possible instead of being victimized by their condition and society. Society in general would gain by having as many people not dependent on the system which is already highly overloaded and inefficient.

We are also seeking to attract the best scientific and medical minds to address these serious epidemics.