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About Us

Primate Conservation Inc's mission is to study and conserve the least known and most endangered apes, monkeys and prosimians in their natural habitat. Supporting work like the pioneering efforts of researchers like Jane Goodall, Primate Conservation Incorporated (PCI) provides small grants and matching funds for primate field research and conservation projects in habitat countries. Over 100 species, almost half of all primates, are threatened or endangered. The tropical forests where most primates live are disappearing at an alarming rate. In order to save this vast store house of the natural world's biodiversity, many more people need to be involved in conservation. The people PCI supports are committed to protecting these species and their habitats. You can help PCI fund researchers in the tropical forests doing this important conservation work. Without their dedication under difficult physical conditions some of these endangered primates will be lost. During the summer of 2000, PCI will celebrate i