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About Us

Forgive To Give Project is an initiative of Sacred City, Inc., founded in the aftermath of 9/11 which has been active in promoting forgiveness throughout the United States and around the world. Our non-profit was initially formed to explore the possibility of a Garden of Forgiveness at the former World Trade Center site.

Our mission is to create a future beyond violence, with gardens as venues for conflict transformation and healing in communities around the world as well as vehicles through which we raise awareness about the power of forgiveness. Thus allowing us to heal the past and create a bright future, one Garden at a time.

Forgive To Give Project has also develop an Educational Program for teenagers and adults to educate on the power of forgiveness, giving practical tools to make it a daily practice.

One cutting edge initiative of Forgive To Give Project is the development of partnerships with Yoga communities to provide an integrated approach to wellness and healing. Incorporating yogic technologies such as breathing exercises, as well as meditative practice. Healing our hearts one breath at a time.