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About Us

Vision Statement: Prospect Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center will emerge as one of the premier equine assisted programs in SE Texas. This non-profit organization is dedicated to improving and enriching the quality of life for children, as well as adults, with physical, emotional and or psychological challenges. Our staff of volunteers and the “staff” of specially trained horses are dedicated to helping clients reach their highest level of independence. Each rider is matched to a specific riding horse and is paired with up to three volunteers - two side walkers and/or one horse leader. This team promotes the riders to have social interaction, improve listening skills and motivates them by providing immediate recognition of their efforts. By focusing on each rider’s ability rather than disability, our three-prong program benefits riders in the areas of Physical (muscular strength/tone), Emotional (self confidence and independence) and Social (promotes interaction and cooperation with volunteers). Based on input from the individual’s medical evaluation, social service input, and rider/parent goals, a specialized equine program is designed to meet each participant’s special needs. Individualized treatment plans are designed and monitored for each client encouraging each rider to be the best he or she can be both on and off the horse. Activities are designed to assist clients in developing the skills necessary for daily life success. Horses have a unique ability to touch and change lives in many positive ways. The Program Director/Instructor has personally felt the inspiration from a horse’s incredible healing power. This “magic” can be seen as these special people experience for the first time the impact of sitting on a horse, the first pat on the horse’s neck, and finally the horse moving to their command. The smile that brightens their face as the horse responds can’t be described in words. This indeed is a new beginning for them. Prospect Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center is committed to excellence in service and the effectiveness of its programs. We will continue to serve locally and with growth, extend our impact both regionally and nationally. Purpose Equine assisted programs challenge people to achieve an improved, enhanced and enriched quality of life. The benefits of equine assisted activities are threefold: • Physical: The three-dimensional motion of the horse provides the rider hip and back movements that simulate natural walking. Riding relaxes and strengthens muscles and improves body tone, posture, balance, joint mobility and coordination. • Emotional: Contact with horses and horsemanship training, provide a non-competitive setting for learning new abilities, self-discipline, improved concentration and self-confidence. • Social: Horseback riding nurtures a positive self-image. Riders may, for the first time in their lives, experience new found freedom, independence and healthy relationships.