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About Us

Help A Student Make the GRADE

Schools are becoming more demanding than ever and, if your child is like many others, s/he feels more pressure to succeed from an early age than we ever did.

Small frustrations and larger learning difficulties create stress for parents and their children, but stress isn't the only issue. When students fall behind as the rest of the class moves on to more advanced work, there is often little opportunity for them to catch back up. Too easily it can become a vicious circle of failure, frustration, and falling behind.

Fortunately, Collaborative Response is here. We offer one-on-one support because teachers don't always have time. Therefore, we need your help in giving our students extra academic support.

Collaborative Response tutors students in the following academic subjects:Math, English, Social Studies, Science

Tutoring services are available during the school year. Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 9am-1pm.

If interested please apply here: