Ebola Transmission Prevention Fund

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3115 Fairland Road
Silver Spring

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About Us

Our mission is to save lives through our infection control programs which include bringing services to the poor and disadvantaged living in the villages and remote rural areas with no access to healthcare services.  Our Programs include Construction of easily accessible Quarantine and Isolation centers, the training of Field Workers to provide Health Education in the Language the people will understand, we provide Personal Protective Equipment. We provide services for the  Orphans, widows and Widowers. We plan to support the Orphans from Kindergarten through College.

Now that The Ebola Crisis is over, we must continue our Disease Prevention programs. The high Ebola mortality rate could have been prevented.

We need volunteers to help  with Fundraising events. We ask for donations in any shape or form.

Thank you

contact: margaret@waronebola.com