Sustainability School

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About Us

Sustainability School provides space to explore, learn, and share knowledge and skills that enhance self-reliance and foster community.

Our classes:

  • Explore simplicity, respect for nature, and the art of living.
  • Value slowing down, hand-made, and do-it-yourself.
  • Help preserve lost-arts and forgotten skills.
  • Emphasize self-reliance and the importance of community.
  • Spotlight the beauty and pleasure in everyday acts.
  • Are affordable. Sliding scale and work trade is available.

Class topics may include:

  • Homesteading skills
  • Kitchen and baking
  • Natural building, power, and water
  • Gardening and permaculture design
  • Health and beauty, and other self-reliance skills

Sustainability School is located in Petrolia, CA in an area referred to as the Lost Coast. Travel magazines have called this area "too lovely to be believed, perhaps too beautiful to last." It has been recognized as the top "still wild" place in California. We are located on the Mattole River, just 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean and the start of the Lost Coast Trail, a 25-mile (40 km) section of beach protected by the King Range National Conservation Area, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, and the Punta Gorda lighthouse.

Sustainability School is a new venture in skill sharing and sustainability education. We are currently accepting proposals for 2011 and 2012.