Sustainable Long Island

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399 Conklin St.
Suite 202
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About Us

Sustainable Long Island promotes economic development, environmental health and equity for all Long Islanders, now and in the future. We foster collaboration among residents, businesses, governmental officials, civic groups, labor, clergy, students--everyone--to retain the uniqueness of Long Island life while creating sustainable economic opportunities for all. We support planning regionally and acting locally so that Long Island invests its private and public funds in projects that renew communities while respecting the environment. Our program emphasizes revitalizing our communities with affordable housing, employment, open spaces and retail shops. We promote the creation and preservation of pedestrian-friendly town centers that encourage public life while retaining each community's historic flavor. We work with community partners to turn brownfields into productive properties, and we engage residents and businesses in community-based planning so that they are involved in the decisions affecting their communities.