About Us

Armenia is a small country, where live the oldest nation-Armenians. After the in depending of Armenia, now the country is transit from socialism to capitalism. The economic blockade, and military actions, unstable economic of Armenia are promotes of numerous of the poorer, unemployment and hunger, from these are suffers children especially, the elderly people and the not much guarantee families. Our organization wants to help people to rested from this poor situation and improve the life of the population. Our organization was realizing distribute of clothes and toys in New Year for the children of not much guarantee families. We want to extend our sphere with your help for the children from poor families. In our program is enter a creation of the center of development culture for children, where will enter the physical preparation, the learning of English, French, music, etc., and propose for nomination the creation of Kinder garden for these children, with free of charge refreshment room. Every our program has a detailed plan. If our letter was interested you, please send us your questions and we will answer you and send you our detailed plan. We are hope that you will help us and cooperate with us for these children.

Thank you advanced.