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About Us

Vision of Voces y Manos

Our vision is to create a world in which the highest attainable standard of health is made available to all people. This requires meeting immediate health care needs as well as addressing systemic problems that give rise to destitution and preclude billions of people from exercising their human right to health. We believe that only by cultivating solidarity—the sense that the well-being of all people is fundamentally interrelated and therefore sacred—will individuals, communities, and nations be able to successfully overcome current challenges and make true health a reality for all. We further believe that youth have an enormous capacity for embracing the principle of solidarity and translating that principle into concrete actions. We therefore endeavor to engage adolescents and young adults in experiences that will empower them to create and solidify constructive community programs1, to develop a critical consciousness of their world, and to build the strong cross-cultural bonds necessary to propel forward the people’s movements of health for all.

Mission of Voces y Manos: how our Vision is currently taking form

Our mission is to meet the health needs of marginalized indigenous communities in Guatemala by empowering a new generation of committed, compassionate indigenous community health workers and leaders. We endeavor to provide youth with experiences that will inspire them to pursue leadership in community health by connecting them to community-based organizations, and providing them with authentic opportunities to exercise leadership in bringing health to their communities. By providing scholarships and academic support, we aim to do everything in our power to help young Mayan women and men overcome the financial and other obstacles they face on their mission of bringing about more a more equitable, compassionate, and healthy society.