The Kearny Alliance

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About Us

Our mission: Aid through trade

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization that supports innovative programs in trade, business education, training and applied research. Through these initiatives we fulfill our mission of aid through trade, thereby creating jobs and alleviating poverty.

We place particular emphasis on: - International trade & commerce - Skills-based development and training - Global marketing & management - Information technology - Cultural exchange

We believe international trade creates jobs, increases local incomes and brings people together in work that crosses borders and cultures. Trade also produces a peace dividend that knits nations together in bonds of peace by means of commercial exchange and interaction.

We believe the key to sustainable development is collaboration

As our name implies, we are involved in building alliances with other like-minded organizations. These organizations range from educational and government institutions, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), grass-roots groups, corporate, and private entities. Alliances leverage our efforts, both financial and analytical, with the resources and expertise available from other organizations.

We focus our efforts on “sustainable” development We define “sustainable development” as balanced economic, social and environmental progress that meets the needs of present and future generations through the creation of lasting jobs, increased efficiencies in business, and greater cross-cultural understanding.

We believe that global prosperity must be accomplished with a focus on sustainability—not only economic, but social and environmental as well. There is little question that we live in a global community. We are dependent upon each other’s resources, energy, technology and security, and we share the same environment.

Therefore, to sustain our global economy, we must join forces, establish common practices and opportunities, and respect one another.

We are nonpartisan

The Kearny Alliance partners with nonprofit organizations and NGOs throughout the world and participates in programs that further its mission of advancing sustainable global prosperity.

Although some countries are not as evolved as others—in terms of social, economic and environmental development—often a direct result of government policies—the Kearny Alliance is strictly a non-partisan organization that not only facilitates the provision of lasting jobs and income, but that also seeks to strengthen human skills and capacity building to create educated and open societies.

Focus: Development models that can be replicated

We grant seed money to programs within our scope of interest, and support the implementation of proven models that can be scaled up, and replicated to effect sustainable development.