Agriculture Development Organisation, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

About Us

ADO is a registered (with Ministry of Development and Economic Planning, Sierra Leone) NGO established in 1998 to support local efforts to reconstruct community and individual food production systems, institutions and infrastructure.

The goal is to create the conditions that can contribute to agricultural development and improvement of the circumstances of the people in rural and semi-urban Sierra Leone. Special focus is on the poorest layers of the community and supporting all initiatives that can contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Sierra Leone.


The objectives of the organisation are to:

1 Facilitate the effective management of farmers groups and associations and support activities that will make farmers food self-reliance

2 Encourage farmers to adopt and practice small-scale mechanised cultivation and efficient marketing of their produces

3 Facilitate the provision of agricultural inputs (tools, seeds), credit etc,

4 Provide agricultural business advisory services in addition to agricultural project / business planning and management.


The organisation try to realise its objectives by describing and promoting agricultural projects and by mobilising people and organisations who can contribute to the good implementation of these projects and, also solicit funds for supporting these project.


The organisation has a Program Office in Freetown (2 Kinsella Street, Brookfields), managed by a 4 member Management Team and a team of motivated and experienced volunteers.