Women's HIV Collaborative of New York

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About Us

Women are the fastest growing group of people becoming HIV infected. Nationally, and in New York City, HIV infection is spreading almost six times faster among women than among men, and the vast majority of these infections are among women of color. In New York City, it is estimated that by the year 2010, women will account for 50% of all AIDS cases.

It is to this end that the Women’s HIV Collaborative of New York was founded nearly seven years ago - by a group of women who recognized the critical need for a broad based advocacy network dedicated to mitigating the impact this epidemic was having on women. Today, we are the only coalition in New York City that develops a city-wide agenda focused on women and HIV/AIDS issues. Over the years, our workgroups have created timely and much-needed women-specific HIV/AIDS policy reports, resource directories, and educational materials that have reached thousands of women, NYC service providers, and policy decision-makers. We have also organized over 75 roundtables and events to educate and raise awareness in our communities.