Restoration Foundation Inc

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About Us

Changing negative ideas children and teens have about dress-code, sexuality, drugs, teaching alternatives to welfare section 8. Assisting young crime victims and offenders, Job Searching (computer access), limited transportation. Helping/ feeding homeless offering programs to educate and help youth/ teens mature into adults who contribute positively to society.What we do is very unique, we simply give young people something positive to do with their time. We promote proper dress-code and pro abstinence. We strongly believe in love third and fourth chances and that we will change young people who are "at risk" we pride ourselves on accountability and 24/7 access. Most young people just want to be singers/ performers. We examine and teach the music business as a whole. Operating music studio equipment, sound checking, production,learning an instrument lighting etc. more levels to learn leading to more opportunity. Finding ways to be self-sufficient and raise revenue for sustainability. Although there will be adult supervision the youth/ TEENS will have a strong sense of ownership. All free.