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Medical errors are a leading cause of death in America -- there are more deaths in hospitals each year from preventable medical mistakes than there are from vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

While death is the most tragic outcome, preventable medical mistakes cause other problems as well. They can lead to permanent disabilities, extended hospital stays, longer recoveries and/or even additional treatments. The real tragedy is that most of these medical mistakes are preventable. They are most often caused by systems that break down and don't support the highly qualified and dedicated hospital caregivers the way they should.

In response to this serious problem, The Leapfrog Group - a coalition of more than 140 public and private organizations that provide health care benefits - is taking action. The Leapfrog Group was created to help save lives and reduce preventable medical mistakes by mobilizing employer purchasing power to initiate breakthrough improvements in the safety of health care and by giving consumers information to make more informed hospital choices.

It is a voluntary program aimed at mobilizing large purchasers to alert the healthcare industry that big leaps in patient safety and customer value will be recognized and rewarded with preferential use and other intensified market reinforcements.