Nashville International Center for Empowerment

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417 Welshwood Drive
Suite 100
United States

About Us

Originally established as the Sudanese Community & Women's Services Center, the Nashville International Center for Empowerment was renamed in spring of 2010, a name which more fully represents the services we provide and the community we serve. Since our founding, we have expanded to serve people from 43 different nations across the Nashville area, with most of our clients being of African and Middle Eastern descent. We aim to increase our clients' abilities to effectively read, write, and speak English, facilitating long-term independence and stability by leading to sustainable employment and self-sufficiency for adults and ongoing academic achievement for children, thereby addressing the underlying issues contributing to poverty in our community. Our programs are offered to legal permanent residents with refugee, ayslee, or immigrant statuses.

Fundamental to the mission of NICE is the elimination of the root causes of poverty within greater Nashville's refugee and immigrant community, the creation of opportunities for upward socioeconomic mobility, and the social integration of those it serves. Clients are encouraged and even challenged to think beyond their current circumstances and discuss long-term goals. NICE makes every effort to establish the foundation necessary to achieve these goals by placing clients in educational and employment environments that are conducive to ultimate success.