Building Futures Zambia

  • 09

About Us

We are a team of young people with passion for helping less fortunate children in Africa. Our aim is to improve the learning quality of children in more remote areas who learn in dilapidated community schools that receive little or no support from either the Ministry of Education, local communities or outside organizations.

We improve children's learning quality by refurbishing their learning structures, providing learning and teaching materials, desks, sporting equipment, motivation, health care, basic necessities such as safe water and sanitation.

Our team is highly trained in carpentry, building, painting, metal, fabrics, child-welfare, health, graphics and many other skills. We also have a health department which attends to children's health matters and gives sensitization to women and men of each community we get to operate from.

We are seeking volunteers of any age to assist us in improving the lives of under-privileged children. We are looking for those with building, carpentry and other related skills, teachers, youth workers or anyone with a passion for young people.

Our project is called School Makeovers. Here we create conducive learning environments for children who sit on the floor, pieces of sack or mounds of earth while learning, learn in the open air or under trees, abandoned buildings and so forth. Children here need books, clothes, shoes, school bags, pencils and pens etc.

We are currently operating in Zambia but aiming at reaching children across Southern Africa and beyond.