Small is... Festival

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About Us

Celebrating and exploring the principles set out in E.F. Schumacher's seminal "Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered", the Small is... Festival is a festival "as if people mattered".

Founded in 2008, "Small is..." as it is commonly referred to, is a collaboration between Practical Action and Engineers Without Borders UK, which provides a family-friendly, open arena for anyone with an interest in international or sustainable development to learn about, engage in and question many of the ideas, technologies and issues around development both common and uncommon.

The 2012 festival promises to expand on the success of previous years, engaging the public in new and interesting ways, adding exciting, new workshops, technologies and speakers, expanding the festival facilities to include solar showers and rain water harvesting in addition to our famous eco-latrines and most important of all involving you throughout the planning and delivery!

Previous contributors have included: Practical Action, Engineers without Borders UK, architecture sans frontieres, Developing Technologies, Garden Organic, HEDON, RedR UK, Simpol UK, Canalside Community Food, Transition Town Leamington, One World Link, The Yoga Project, Traidcraft stalls, CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), Tikambilanie, DEW Point, Zero Carbon Caravan, RESET, EcoU, Red Button Design, WEDC, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Centre for African Studies: University of Edinburgh, etc.

As well as individual contributions by speakers: Andrew Simms, Mark Lynas, Adam Hart-Davis, Peter Segger, Shaun Chamberlin, Ken Banks, Diana Schumacher, Peter Guthrie, etc.