Heritage Community Initiatives

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820 Braddock Avenue
United States

About Us

Heritage Community Initiatives is a community based nonprofit organization that has been located in Braddock and has served the Mon Valley region of Greater Pittsburgh for more than 25 years. We have earned a reputation for creating and operating programs that are responsive and innovative as well as efficient and effective.

Headquartered in the heart of the 37 Mon Valley neighborhoods we serve, Heritage has an on-the-ground understanding of the needs of local communities and residents. From our inception, Heritage has built cooperation among stakeholder individuals and organizations. These real working partnerships are characterized by tangible and meaningful results for the community. Today, Heritage focuses primarily on three program areas: education, transportation and community engagement.

Support of Heritage comes from generous individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors. We hope that you are inspired by what you see on our website and the daily service we provide. While much has been achieved, much remains to be done, and your support will help determine exactly how much can be accomplished.