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About Us

SowHope is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, non-profit, international, charitable organization.

Mission: To inspire women around the world by promoting wellness, education and economic opportunities.

Strategy: To partner with local leaders, using local solutions, to solve local problems.

Target population: The 1.5 billion women who make less than $2 per day.

SowHope was founded in January of 2006 and since then has directly impacted over 56,000 women by funding measurable, time-limited, and outcome-based projects in fifteen countries.  SowHope works under the assumption that by providing women with essential opportunities they will improve not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, villages, and nations. SowHope is one of the only global organizations focusing exclusively on the holistic needs of women living in extreme poverty.   

SowHope believes that in every group of people the answer to solving problems lies with competent and passionate national leaders who are able to recognize concerns, problems, and the corresponding solutions specific to their own society and culture.  SowHope seeks out and develops partner relationships with national leaders who demonstrate an effective performance history of helping women in the service area or a related area for which he or she is requesting project funds.