Imbeleko, Dr Seni Myeni Foundation

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080429 KwaNyuswa
Manqoba Road
South Africa

About Us

Imbeleko Foundation is an Education Centric organisation with AfterSchool classes and a Scholarship Fund at core of its structure. It exists to give love and hope to young orphaned and vulnerable children. It ensures that they realise their impossible dreams which would have been deemed impossible due to their families’ poverty related issues that result in dysfunctions that erodes academic assistance, psycho-socio development, guidance and mentorship from these children.

Dr Seni Myeni founded Imbeleko Foundation on the premise of a holistic Programme that comprises of the following sub – Projects over and above its Core Programmes.

uNutrition Programme
uPersonal Development and Mentorship Programme
uHealthcare (Medical/Psychological) Programme
uFamily Support Programme
uPhysical activities - Sports Programme

Imbeleko Foundation identifies children from local schools that we have partnered with and provides holistic programmes based on individualized assessments.