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About Us

Lead India Foundation is a not for profit making organization working to promote other not for profit organizations working in different part of India to bring the change in the society and to help the people in need. We have seen that, many NGOs are there who are doing very nice work in the sector of development, but have less access to information and internet, as a result of that they are not able to develop themselves as per the goal they have. At Lead India Foundation, we are working to network these Organizations to nestle and nurture, by giving them access to information and internet, through our supporting team so that they can develop.

Being a networking organization, we are mainly focusing on unifying and empowering the NGOs working fantastically in their respected area in making the change. We generally play the role of a motivator, mentor and monitoring body. We visit their organization personally and the field where they work, see to found that they are doing a good work and then enroll them as a member of Lead India Foundation. Most of our Network Members have all the legal documents like:

  • Registration before three years
  • Have trusted Annual and Audit Report
  • Obtained 80G, 12 A, FCRA, 35 AC etc.
  • Most of them have worked in many projects of Govt. and other donor agencies

We have seen that, due to lack of internet and knowledge on accessing online information, most NGOs working in rural areas, are lacking behind to achieve their goals to serve the needy in the following areas:

· Respect Women and their Empowerment

  • Child Sponsorship, Education, Protection and Juvenile Justice
  • Elderly Care and Justice to Senior Citizens
  • Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Human Rights and Poverty Alleviation
  • Livelihood and Microfinance
  • Rapid Relief and Rescue in Disasters
  • NGO Unification and Empowerment (Capacity Building, Training and Development, Offline & Online Fund Raising, Research)

Hence, we seek the information from your organization, if you can come forward to help Lead India Foundation to help these NGOs and make our Action Plan 2014 a grand success. In order to bring all the NGOs across the nation, under one roof we have started a charity campaign, For more information about our charity campaign and support the campaign, please visit us atwww.charityrallyleadindia.org .

To obtain details of our members please send a mail to info@leadindiafoundation.org or contact.leadindia@gmail.com. We always belief that together only, we can serve the people in need with one action and one ambition it will be successful. So, we invite you to share your thoughts and support us to make a great network of NGOS.