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About Us

Health Action International (HAI) is the only non-governmental organisation that is entirely dedicated to strengthening medicines policy to improve public health. Our staff and global network of independent experts in 70 countries share information and expertise to solve medicines access and use problems around the world. We want all people to receive the right medicine, in the right dose, for the right amount of time, at a price they can afford. We are non-profit, independent and based in Amsterdam with an office in Brussels.

 Our current work encompasses four areas:

Health Systems Advocacy (HSA) Partnership. HAI is working to improve access to medicines and devices for sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR) in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia as part of the Health Systems Advocacy Partnership. We are also embarking on major research into the relationship between SRHR and antibiotic resistance, especially in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

European projects. HAI has a strong European network of academics, civil society and patient organisations, and individuals working on European medicines policy issues. Together, we advocate for transparent and democratic policies that increase access to needed medicines and improve the rational use of medicines.

Addressing the Challenge and Constraints of Insulin Sources and Supply (ACCISS) Study. HAI and our partners are working on a three-year study to identify the causes of poor availability and high insulin prices, particularly in under-served regions of the world. This will aid in developing policies and interventions to bring equity in insulin access to low- and middle-income countries.

Improving snakebite prevention and treatment. Snakebite is an unrecognised global health crisis that, every year, kills approximately 125,000 people and leaves many more with permanent physical and psychological disability. In addition to providing the secretariat for the Global Snakebite Initiative, HAI has begun a two-year programme to scale up advocacy and education for the prevention and treatment of snakebite in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.