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About Us

MOCHE Inc. (Mobilizing Opportunity through Community Heritage Empowerment Incorporated) is an organization that has been working in the Moche Valley for over 10 years. MOCHE Inc. believes in saving the past by investing in the future which means that our projects are implemented with the goal of showing local communities the importance and benefits that can result from preserving archaeological sites. To solve the intertwined problems of archeological looting, poverty, and lack of heritage education, we form partnerships with communities that have limited resources in Northern Peru. We provide communities with heritage education programs along with funding and expertise for community-identified development projects (ie: schools, health clinics, water and sanitation systems, and electrification). In exchange, the communities work with us on their projects and agree to respect and protect the boundaries of local archaeological sites. 

We organize our volunteer opportunities during the summer and are always looking for people that are interested in collaborating with MOCHE Inc. We look for volunteers with an open-mind and a deep commitment to helping others. People that are interested in working with public health issues, women's empowerment, sustainable development, community organizing, education for children and youth, and archaeological preservation are highly encouraged to apply and contact Emma Freedman (Director of Programs) at