Elevate Africa

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About Us

Elevate Africa is an exciting young non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable, long-term economic growth in the poorest countries in Africa. We partner with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them build vibrant local businesses that break the cycle of poverty and improve the lives of families and communities from the ground up.

We built our careers in Silicon Valley, so the “startup accelerator” model we use is very much inspired by the kind of positive innovation, mentoring, financing and collaboration used so effectively to help entrepreneurs here build successful companies. Some say we’re crazy to believe this kind of approach can work in mud hut villages in Africa. They tell us the problems are too big and the people aren’t up for the challenge. We believe they couldn't be more wrong. 

We founded Elevate Africa because we saw an opportunity to use our backgrounds in business, technology and startup innovation to help people overcome poverty in ways we weren’t seeing from traditional charities, non-profits and foreign aid organizations. We are looking for individuals interested in using their talents and expertise to do the same.