Association for Supported Community Connections

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About Us

ASCC and the individuals that ASCC supports are proudly declaring their place in the community through their mission statement of:  Enabling individuals with disabilities to be integral members of the community through supported involvement.

ASCC provides Programs and Services for children, youth, and adults in the following manner:  

Maitland House is a respite home for children (6-12) and youth (12-17) with disabilities living in Spruce Grove and surrounding areas. Maitland House provides Before and After School Care, Community Support, and Overnight Respite on a scheduled basis seven days a week.  

Community Support provides support for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Assistance is provided by a  Community Support Worker to give individuals the opportunity to participate in community events, health and wellness activities, and leisure activities. 

In Home Respite is provided in an Individual's home on a scheduled basis by the Parent(s) or Guardian(s) of the Individual. A Community Support Worker assists the Individual with their daily living routine, and works with the Individual to enhance various life skills. Support is available for families that have access to funding from Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or another funding source.

Residential Services provide accommodation, training and support up to 24 hours per day to children and adults with disabilities. Services are designed to enhance independence and community access, and are based  on individual strengths and needs.

The Host Family Program works with people in the community, that provide support in their home, and families that want to access respite services for their son or daughter. ASCC assists people to become an approved Host Family with training from certified training providers, and our employees who have various levels of experience. ASCC also sets standards that Host Families must follow to ensure individuals with disabilities receive support in a safe environment.

Respite services are provided on a 24 hour schedule to a maximum of 30 days per year for children, youth and adults.

The Support Home Program develops plans for individuals who want to move from their family home to another person's home. Parents, guardians and individuals determine the type of supports that are needed and work with ASCC to find a suitable living arrangement with an ASCC approved Support Home provider. The Support Home Program is provided to individuals with disabilities that receive funding through PDD for supported independent living, or another funding source.