Hopewell for Maryland

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Takoma Park
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About Us

Hopewell for Maryland is the campaign committee to elect D'Juan Hopewell to state delegate in Maryland's 20th District. More importantly, Hopewell for Maryland is about hope for our children.

While other candidates may talk the talk, D'Juan Hopewell has walked the walk. Students in every eligible District 20 elementary school this year are starting their day with a nutritious breakfast served in their classroom through a program called Maryland Meals for Achievement. According to Deloitte Consulting, in-class breakfast helps to boost math test scores by 17.5%. D'Juan Hopewell worked hard to build coalitions all over the state with educators, private companies and advocacy organizations to secure millions of dollars in Annapolis for this program. Going forward, many Maryland children will have more financial resources for college because of the tax benefits their same gender loving parents now have due to D'Juan Hopewell's work on the first ever, statewide, faith strategy to pass marriage equality. Having come from a conservative religious background, he lost some friends along the way but he fought for equality and we won together. Children of undocumented Marylanders are now able to access higher education because of D'Juan Hopewell's work on the faith strategy to pass the Dream Act. Many were skeptical but we fought and we won. D’Juan Hopewell has been fighting for the people of District 20 and together we have been winning.